About the Eco Heroes

What is the aim of the Eco Heroes?

The aim of the Eco Heroes is to inspire a green generation of children to take better care of the environment.

To educate children about current human induced environmental issues such as climate change, habitat loss, pollution etc. and what they can do to help protect and improve the natural world around them. i.e. How they can become true Eco Heroes!

Why inspire children?

Climate change will affect this generation of children more than any other. Therefore, children need to learn about the affects of climate change and how they can reduce their environmental impact.  In turn, as children learn more about the environment, they influence parents, grandparents, family and friends. One generation inspiring another!

Who are the Eco Heroes?

There are seven Eco Hero characters all from different parts of the world.  Each Eco Hero character has an environmental issue, which corresponds to the character:

Adam (USA) – Waste and recycling
Aqsa (Egypt) – Oceans and marine life
Leif (Brazil) – Rain forests
Rose  (United Kingdom) – Animals and habitats
Skye (Australia) – Air and pollution
Urvi (India) – Ice and polar regions
Yang (China) – Energy

The Eco Heroes do not have super powers.  Super powers do not exist, yet climate change does.  Further, people do not need super powers to save Planet Earth.  People just need to be more thoughtful and take action to reduce our impact on the environment. 

What are the Eco Hero educational resources?

The Eco Hero educational resources are based around the Key Stage Two Curriculum (ages 6 to 10).  As well as learning about important environmental issues, the Eco Hero educational resources also cover core elements of the curriculum such as:

PSHE (Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education)

What is the format of the Eco Hero educational resources?

Firstly, there is a 20 page, fully illustrated and printed resource pack.  There are seven chapters in the resource pack – one for each Eco Hero and their corresponding environmental issue/topic.

The resource pack is also supported by:

One Eco Hero World Map
Seven lesson plans for teachers
Eco Hero stickers one for each child when they have completed their Eco Hero tasks (seven tasks)
Eco Hero certificate – one for each child with space for the seven Eco Hero stickers.  When all seven stickers have been collected, the child can be awarded their Eco Hero certificate
The Eco Heroes video game “Forest Frenzy”
The Eco Heroes animation  “How to be an Eco Hero”

How do schools order the Eco Hero educational resources?

At our website www.theecoheroes.com schools can buy the Eco Hero educational resources.  The cost is £199 plus £20 P&P for 35 sets of Eco Hero materials i.e.

35 Eco Hero resource packs
35 Eco Hero certificates
35 sets of Eco Hero stickers
One World Map
One set of seven lesson plans

Why 35?

Average class size is between 30 & 35.  The aim is for every child in the class to be able to take part and become an Eco Hero.

 Are the Eco Hero resources printed on recycled paper?

Yes – all our materials are printed on recycled paper; or are made from recyclable or biodegradable materials and where possible - use chemical free, vegetable based inks. 

How are the Eco Hero Educational Resources delivered to schools?

The Eco Hero resources are packaged and boxed in recycled cardboard and delivered direct to schools by Royal Mail, via tracked and signed for delivery.

Have the Eco Hero educational resources been tested with teachers?

Yes – the Eco Heroes has been able to call upon the support of a number of teachers.  The Eco Heroes has also been tested in schools with Year Three classes. The children’s reaction has been overwhelming with a real call to action to do more for the environment - hence our Eco Heroes motto “Who Cares?  We Care!”

How do teachers teach the Eco Heroes?

As seven individual lessons over a term or half term.  Teachers decide which year group to teach – with the best results in Year Three and Year Four.

Each of the seven lesson plans has instructions for teachers on how to teach the specific lesson.  The lesson plans also give recommendations for cross-school learning by making use of the Eco Hero resources for assemblies and wider school activities - such as a collection for the food bank and a litter pick. 

How do teachers receive the lesson plans?

The seven Eco Hero lesson plans are available in PDF format and will be emailed to teachers in the welcome email that is sent to all those who purchase the Eco Hero educational resources.

What about the Eco Heroes video game – Forest Frenzy?  How do children play that?

The video game can be played at www.theecoheroes.com/game The video game is compatible with mobile, tablet and most computer devices.

What about the Eco Heroes animation – “How to be an Eco Hero” - how do children watch that?

Follow this link to watch the animation: “How to be an Eco Hero”.

Please also subscribe to our You Tube Channel.

Are the Eco Heroes educational resources available in languages other than English?

No, not at the moment but the aim is that the Eco Heroes is taught in all schools across the world… so watch this space!

Is the Eco Heroes brand protected by copyright and trademark?

Yes – the Eco Heroes is fully copyrighted and trademarked.  The intellectual property belongs to The Eco Heroes Limited – company registered in the UK.  Company number: 08243722.  All rights reserved.

Do you do school assemblies?

No, unfortunately not due to the logistics of travelling to schools across the UK.  The goal is to release a series digital products and resources to enable children, teachers and parents to learn more about the environment whilst also having fun

Can the Eco Hero educational resources be sponsored into schools?

Yes.  The Eco Heroes educational resources can be sponsored by responsible and environmentally conscious businesses and organisations.  Various sponsorship packages are available, which allow the Eco Hero educational resources to be provided to schools for free (no charge to schools).

The Eco Hero sponsorship packages range from £2,500 to £5,000.  Contact stephen@theecoheroes.com  to find out more. 

 How did the Eco Heroes come about?

The Eco Heroes is a concept created by two fathers of school-aged children: Dave Robinson and Stephen Parkinson.

Dave and Stephen – both from Preston, Lancashire (UK) - have a real passion for the environment and have made a commitment to their children and future generations to take better care of Planet Earth.

Tell me more about Dave and Stephen?

Dave is a graphic designer with over 20 years experience.  Stephen’s background is business and marketing with over 25 years experience.  With the kind support of family and friends, Dave and Stephen have been working on the Eco Heroes for over seven years.  Spending their own time and their own money in getting the Eco Heroes into schools and inspiring a green generation! 

They have created the Eco Heroes to be a truly global brand – with a global movement of Eco Heroes around the world.

How to contact the Eco Heroes?

There are many ways to contact us:

Email info@theecoheroes.com

Twitter @theecoheroes

Facebook facebook.com/theecoheroes

Telephone: 07801 973454 (Stephen)



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